PTT and VOX Hard Wire communications system providing full duplex communications between the EOD commander and the EOD operator connected by 100m of field cable. It is used for simplicity, ease of use and produces no RF emissions.

The integrated helmet communication headset consists of twin ultra low profile earpieces and noise cancelling microphone which connects to the common user unit via a rugged 80mm Press to Talk (PTT) unit or to the VOX switching unit. The helmet connector is a quick disconnect NEXUS plug and socket.

The EOD commanders headset is a military style, robust, single sided headset with flexible boom microphone and a mesh head strap, an in-line PTT and clothing clip.

A wireless VOX communications systems with a fail-safe PTT with remote audio volume control is also available.

Ambient Sound
The Ambient Sound System provides the operator with improved situational awareness. The helmet head set system also provides stereo acoustics in order to determine the direction of the sound source.


The EOD Live video system allows additional members of the Disposal team to see exactly what is happening in real time, while the operator is at the device. This is essential when giving the technician collective advice and instructions. The camera is extremely light and mounted on the helmet.

A camera rotation adjustment within the housing provides the ability to set at the optimal location so that visibility is not obstructed. It also allows remote technicians and Commanders to observe exactly what the operator is seeing.

Connection between the monitor and camera via a 200m hard-wire cable, giving confidence that no interference is possible to the feed. The image itself is shown on a high-resolution ruggedized monitor to ensure clarity.

advanced aramid composites

advanced aramid composites