New Picatinny Rail Visor

The USI Picatinny Rail Visor has been designed to allow easy adaption to any modern warfare helmet which has Picatinny rails. The Visor arms allow for smooth movement and the x3 pin locking system gives the user multiple location options. The design is extremely robust and gives the wearer confidence that they will be protected in any situation they are faced with.


Thickness - 3mm, Lenght - 390mm, Height - 160mm.
Thickness - 6mm, Lenght - 400mm, Height - 160mm.

3mm thick - 0.97kg,
6mm thick - 1.3kg.

Level of Protection:
3mm thick - Anti-riot - NIJ-0104.02
6mm thick - Anti-riot - NIJ-0104.02 & Fragmentation - MIL-STD 662F, V50 268 m/s