Brand New! Lightweight Shields Level III+ (7.62X39mm)

The USI Picatinny Rail Visor has been designed to allow easy adaption to any modern warfare helmet which has Picatinny rails. The Visor arms allow for smooth movement and the x3 pin locking system gives the user multiple location options. The design is extremely robust and gives the wearer confidence that they will be protected in any situation they are faced with.


Weight has been reduced by 30% with wall thickness reduced by 25%. We have also developed this technology with boltless designs meaning there are no weak points on the shield. The quality and ballistic protection remains unchanged.

All of the improvements lead to a much more user friendly product providing unmatched protection and confidence when in the line of fire.

We are able to reproduce this over the entire range of shields and we welcome bespoke options. Please speak to a member of the sales team for more information.