United Shield International Records Saves #3...

Last week on 1-23-16, while most of us were out at SHOT show, a sheriffs department in Nebraska was hard at work. Below is a message we received from the Deputy at the scene.



"On 1-23-16 we used the shield in an attempt to serve a warrant. Deputies from the Emergency Services Team took fire at the doorway while making entry. The shield successfully absorbed 2 of the 6 rounds fired at that time, saving the lives of the first deputies in the door. (pic attached). The first round hit the viewport and the second the bottom right edge. We were able to recover the round from the bottom edge of the shield as it was imbedded. We are having ballistics done to determine the round used. We believe in was a 44 magnum round. "

We are proud to have helped keep our officers safe! Lets take a minute to remember that these are threats our officers are facing day in and day out!