Modular Shield

The United Shield’s Modular Shield is designed in conjunction with UK police forces we have developed two identical shields, which can be joined together to make one larger shield.

This compliments the tactical ability due to having a versatile system, which negates the need to carry additional shields, and provides additional protection/cover as required whilst in operation.

Individually the shields are extremely light and manoeuvrable. Ideal for any operation, especially when speed and agility is important. These shields can easily be used whilst operating a side arm and long weapon; they can also be used solely as a shield man.

Combining the shields together offers the user a much greater area of coverage, ideal for when holding a position or pausing before further advances. In this position the user can still effectively operate their firearm or act as a shield man.

We can build these shields to different standards depending on the threat requirements; we can also vary the size particular to your needs.


Ballistic Protection

7.62 x 39 MSC (AK 47)
7.62 x 51 NATO Ball

Key Features

Market Leading Technology
Adjustable arm supports that allow for greater control and support.
Ergonomic design
Extremely resilient

Sizes & Weights
Dimensions – 800mm x 550mm (Single)
1500mm x 550mm (Joined)
Weight - 8.16 kg (Single)
16.3 kg (Joined)


Lighting system available
Various handle configurations
Various signs/labels (Police/Sheriff)