Panther Shield

The United Shield Panther shield is a joint development with a Scandinavian Police Rapid Response Unit. The shield is ambidextrous, so that left and right handed operators can use the shield quickly. It has been designed for operations with limited space, such as aircraft, trains and other transportation.

It is very adaptable when used in different tactical situations such as dynamic entry, hostage situation, domestic situations, and routine patrol. The shield has a new handle design to offer the operator a wider choice of position when deploying a long weapon or hand gun.


Ballistic Protection


Key Features

Market Leading Technology
Adjustable arm supports that allow for greater control and support.
Ergonomic design
Extremely resilient

Sizes & Weights
1000mm x 530mm at the widest point, and 430mm at the standard width.
Weight - 9 kg


Lighting system available
Various signs/labels (Police/Sheriff)