MXV Ballistic Shield

The MXV shields offer high performance ballistic protection, integrated in a fully functional design to meet the strategic needs of your specific mission. Exceptionally lightweight, the custom carbon fiber skin makes the shield very durable. The shield also features multiple design enhancements including our advanced Tri-Grip ERT handle system, rear “Load Out” system and industry leading MXV viewport – considered the largest and most ergonomic viewport available today.

The new MXV viewport provides 77 square inches of viewing area for greater situational awareness. The unique, oversized trapezoidal shape offers the best peripheral and downward ground viewing capabilities, especially critical for those officers "in the stack." Simply put, to achieve this level of situational awareness, comfort and safety, MXV shields are second to none.


Key Features

  • MXV Trapezoid Viewport, 343mm x 140mm
  • ERT multi-grip handle, providing 90 degree, 45 degree left and 45 degree right grip positions
  • Load Out rear shield feature, customizable to accept any pouches required for the mission
  • Forearm support straps at all hold positions
  • Lightweight, high performance carbon skin LED lights are also available upon request
  • Customizable assault panel option (shown) available upon request
  • All MXV’s come with a window cover

Ballistic Protection


Size / Weight

  • MXV-IIIA - 20" x 34" 15.0 lbs
  • MXV-IIIA - 24" x 36" 18.75 lbs
  • MXV-IIIA-RRS - 24" x 36"