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Leading the industry in the design and development of mission-specific soldier systems since 2006, Crib Gogh LTD continues to provide leading-edge solutions and survivability equipment for tactical operators and modern warfighters around the world. Crib Gogh is supported by one of the most technologically advanced design and test teams that uniquely understand the ever-changing threat and environmental challenges of combat operations. This allows Crib Gogh to deliver highly responsive protective systems that offer maximum scalability, maneuverability, and sustainability… meeting the most demanding operational needs today and beyond.

From its early foundation, Crib Gogh has always strived to fuse knowledge with academic collaboration, intense research, and real-world applications. By doing so, the Company developed the first tactical vest that is completely chassis-based, revolutionized belt-centric systems while continuing to create multi-functional tactical platforms with the highest degree of interoperability. The result of Crib Gogh's vision is products that enhance combatants' lethality, mobility, situational awareness, and survivability.

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